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Some people have been endowed with the gift of serving, having joy in being able to be of service to others. This trait is taken a step further by those who take pride in keeping their surroundings clean. For those who have been made as such, starting a cleaning business can be a good way to use their talents and earn income at the same time, in addition to gaining invaluable experience in managing a business.

Operating a cleaning business is an appealing proposition to small investors because it does not necessitate a huge initial investment. Some can even start the ball rolling with as little as $500 for cleaning supplies and equipment, drive a vehicle to carry the cleaning implements in, do the cleaning themselves and start earning even during the very first day of operation. Cleaners usually target commercial establishments and residential homes for window and carpet cleaning, vacuuming and similar tasks.

Similar to any other profit-making endeavor, starting a cleaning business is exciting and challenging. However, to elevate the chances of success and to avoid problems later on, it is important for the business owner to familiarize himself with the basic requirements of starting a business because different states have different sets of laws. The laws applicable in the State of California, for instance, cannot be applied in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is located in the northeastern part of the United States, with an estimated population of 6.4 million people mostly inhabiting the capital city of Boston and other cities such as Springfield and Worchester. In terms of business, the state is known to impose quite a number or regulations and relatively high taxes. In the past, this has resulted in many businesses transferring their locations to other federal governments with lower taxes; but this has not been the case in recent years because of certain measures that have been implemented. Examples of these measures are reduced personal income tax rates, reduced tax rates on interests and dividends, elimination of the estate tax from 1998 and later years, elimination of capital gains tax for certain assets and reduced tax on bank income. One advantage that the state economy has is a highly educated workforce, a result of Massachusetts having the most number of colleges and universities in the country.

Start a Cleaning Business in Massachusetts

A cleaning business operating as a sole proprietorship in Massachusetts can be formed without formalities, as long as the necessary licenses are obtained. These licenses are issued either by the city or county. Income or loss from the business can be filed together with the state personal income tax return. If the business decides to hire an employee in addition to himself, he will have to register as an employer with the Department of Revenue. This is for the purpose of withholding taxes from wages of the employee.

In its effort to boost its already thriving economy, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has established the Business Assistance Resource Centers, functioning as "one-stop-shops" where potential business owners can be assisted in acquiring all the needed licenses, permits and tax requirements.

Start a Cleaning Business

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