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Mississippi Cleaning Servie Startup Guide

The market for cleaning services is a growing one. More and more households and offices are in need of cleaners due to the growing number of women in the workforce and the increasing affluence of families that are able to afford professional help; and economic progress that has given rise to more commercial establishments.

Those engaged in the cleaning business has found it to be lucrative. Operations can start at a very minimal budget, sufficient to purchase the necessary cleaning implements and supplies. The business can be run at home without the need for several employees since the business owner can do the cleaning himself. In most cases, spouses team up for this kind of trade, helping each other out in carrying out the cleaning tasks and accomplishing the marketing and administrative responsibilities necessary to run the business. However, before anyone can start operating a business, certain requirements have to be fulfilled. This is needed in order to avoid problems in the future because the said requirements are in compliance with regulations set by the government. Since the rules vary from state to state, it would be a good idea to be acquainted with the local business laws before initiating any profit-making endeavor.

Starting a Cleaning Business in Mississippi is Easy!

For example, if someone chooses to start a cleaning business in Mississippi, he must familiarize himself with the opportunities that are available in the state for the specific type of business as well as the state itself. Aside from being famous for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Mississippi is also known as the hospitality state. It ranks as the 31st most populous state in the United States with an estimated 2007 population of almost three million mostly inhabiting the capital city of Jackson and the major cities of Gulfport and Hattiesburg. One business opportunity worth considering for the potential cleaning service provider is the climate that the state possesses. The area experiences several hurricanes in a year that move inland from the Gulf of Mexico, especially in the southern part. On average, twenty-seven tornadoes occur annually, with the frequencies shifting during the year. The northern part gets more tornadoes in the early months while the south gets it in the later months. A potential business owner could specialize in providing after-storm cleaning services, since this would be in great demand during certain periods of the year.

The state provides several free counseling and training programs for those who are engaged in a small business such as a cleaning business, to help them get started or expand operations. These services are provided by the Mississippi Small Business Development Center, an agency supported by the United States Small Business Administration. There are also several local small business centers that cater to women and minorities, helping them with start-up counseling and financial assistance. Although it has been ranked as having the lowest per capita personal income among the states, it also has the lowest cost of living. The efforts of the government are geared towards improving the economy of the state and diversifying its industries, being mainly agricultural. This means that a small business owner can look forward to a progressive growth in proportion to that of the economy.

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