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How to Start a Cleaning Business in Missouri

Being your own boss has its advantages. In addition to not having to report to a superior, there is the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes with running your own business and being responsible for its success. It also provides an opportunity to be creative and doing something for others, whether providing an excellent product or service, offering employment to others or simply doing something of value. Certainly, being a business owner also has its challenges. There are always financial risks involved and the long working hours that you have to engage in to make the business a success. Nevertheless, the rewards are worth it.

A cleaning business is one of the businesses that many are considering these days. Many have profited from it because of increased demand. Its main attraction for those wishing to start a small business though is its minimal start-up cost. Most start operating by just purchasing cleaning supplies and tools and setting up headquarters at their own homes. There are two types of cleaning services that can be provided: commercial and residential. Commercial cleaners provide janitorial services to offices and commercial establishments that could include restaurants, retail stores, schools and medical facilities. Residential cleaning services usually provide maids to do the typical housekeeping tasks in a household.

Start a Cleaning Business in Missouri

The State of Missouri is home to numerous cleaning services providers. Maid agencies abound, as well as commercial cleaners. Some have carved their own niches in the market by specializations such as cleaning restaurant kitchen exhaust systems and industrial boilers. The state economy is progressive, with the services sector having the fastest employment growth since 2001. This should be good news for those wishing to start a cleaning business, especially in the urban areas of Kansas, St. Louis and Springfield.

Commercial cleaning services in Missouri are regulated at the local level. This means that licenses are issued by the county, city or town governments where the business is located. Requirements for permits and licenses may vary by city or county. Hence, it is best to check with the local business, merchant license and collector's offices. If the business will be under a name other than the legal name of the owner, it must be registered with the Missouri Secretary of State. The availability of a business name can be checked online. State law allows organizations to operate as limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships, which most of the cleaning services belong.

Before starting to operate, it would be advisable to understand which taxes apply to the cleaning business. For a sole proprietorship, income is taxed directly to the owner. There is no need to submit annual reports and pay renewal fees as is done with businesses registered as corporations. If the business pays wages to an employee, a Federal Employer Tax Identification Number must be obtained. Since most cleaning businesses are likely to be operated from home, local zoning regulations have to be checked to ensure that zoning ordinances do not restrict or prohibit a cleaning business from being operated in the area.

Start a Cleaning Business

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