Start a Cleaning Service in Montana

Starting a Cleaning Service in Montana

Montana is a state located in the western part of the United States. A third of the area is covered with mountains, which is where its name was derived. It is one of the most sparsely populated states in the country. Its main source or revenue is based on agriculture, lumber and mining but this has been changing in recent years, with the federal government's efforts to create an economy that is more diversified. Investments in business, engineering, health and tourism services have resulted in economic growth and employment in the service industry, where the cleaning business belongs, has overtaken manufacturing and mining. In fact, the services sector is the largest contributor to the gross state product.

The state has a modern telecommunications and transportation infrastructure that business owners can make use of. High-speed internet and digital subscriber lines are available in the cities. It also has road links to Canada and the areas in the Pacific Rim.

The thriving service industry in Montana is a favorable circumstance for those who want to start a cleaning business. A good location would be in one of the state capital of Helena and in the other larger cities of Billings, Missoula, Great Falls and Butte. There are already quite a number of cleaning businesses that exist, providing the more common janitorial and maid services as well as the specialized ones such as window and chimney cleaning. There is even a cleaning business that offers professional animal waste removal to homeowners.

Montana Cleaning Business Startup Guide

A cleaning service is an attractive proposition to the small business owner. Aside from requiring a small start-up cost, it can be run from the home. It has also no personnel requirements if the owner plans to do the cleaning tasks himself. As soon as the cleaning supplies and implements are made available and a means of transport is acquired to go to the places to be cleaned, operations can start. However, before the actual cleaning tasks can take place, there are legal aspects that have to be accomplished to make the business legitimate. This involves obtaining the necessary licenses and permits that the government requires.

Montana's tax and legal structure that govern business operations are more or less similar to the other states; meaning, people have to pay income taxes and property taxes are imposed at the local level. An advantage that the state provides to business owners is it does not impose any sales or use taxes. It used to have one of the highest individual income rates at 11% but tax reforms have reduced this to 6.9%. In addition, the state has a relatively low cost of living, compared to the national average.

On obtaining licenses, cities and counties have their own particular requirements. Hence, the business owner has to visit the concerned offices in order to find out what needs to be accomplished to get a license in the area of operation. Zoning requirements should be given consideration to ensure that no violations are committed in conducting the business.

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