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Nevada Cleaning Business Startup

A cleaning business is an excellent way to earn money. It is not a complicated business to initiate and does not require a huge amount of money to finance. Experience-wise, it is not that difficult to qualify since most possess some skills in cleaning. However, just like any other business, determination is needed in order to succeed.

The demand for cleaning services is not in short supply. There are many households that require professionals to do the housekeeping chores, not to mention the numerous commercial establishments and other institutions that need janitorial services. Hence, everywhere in the United States, many small business entrepreneurs are considering operating a cleaning business. This is also true for the State of Nevada.

Nevada is a state located in the western part of the United States, encompassing an area of more than 110,000 square miles. A large portion of the land is owned by the U.S. federal government. Most of the approximately 2.6 million Nevadans reside in the major cities of Las Vegas and Reno. Nevada is an economically-progressive state that is famous for its casinos and receives millions of tourists each year. Although it has a very arid climate and therefore not suited for agriculture, the land possesses vast mineral resources such as gold, copper and silver. However, tourism and gambling are the large revenue earners of the state, generating more than 50% of its income. The employment rate is above the average national rate and job growth is mostly from the services, retail trade and construction sectors.

Start a Cleaning Business in Nevada

One of the factors that make Nevada attractive for business is its tax climate, which is unlike the other states. In Nevada, the sales and property tax rates are competitive but the best thing is that it does not impose the following taxes: corporate income tax, personal income tax, franchise tax on income, inheritance or gift tax, unitary tax and estate tax.

As a general rule, all businesses in Nevada are required to obtain a State Business License but there are exceptions. State law recognizes a business as any person that performs a service or engages in a trade for profit. However, there are exceptions to the rule and operating these businesses does not necessitate a state license. A cleaning business could be exempted if it is operated from the business owner's residence and if the net income derived from the business does not exceed 66 2/3 percent of the average annual wage for the preceding calendar year. It should be noted that the average wage is not a fixed amount but fluctuates from year to year. If the criteria for exemption are met, the business owner does not have to secure or renew his license for the next year. State business licenses in Nevada are renewed every year for a fee of one hundred dollars.

Unlike other states where trade names are registered with the office of the Secretary of State, a business in Nevada that is operating under a trade name is registered with the county clerk in the county where the business operates. The reason for this is to inform the people who the actual owners are and to protect the other businesses from usurping the name.

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